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Add, Edit, or Delete Users

Administrators have three options for controlling how users work with Match Quality:

  • Admin Defined: Set the default Match Quality level for the user.
  • User Defined: Allow users to set their own levels.
  • Admin Approval: Allow users to set their own levels, but changes must be approved by the administrator.

The administrator can also require approval for uploading and deleting prospects.

To add, edit, or delete users:

  1. In the Admin functions, go to the Users tab.
  2. To enter a new user, click Add, then enter the user information. Usernames cannot contain spaces:

    Add, Edit, Delete Users
    Or to revise information, click Edit, then choose the user from the Username menu.
  3. Select the appropriate access privileges.
    Settings include: user type (Base, Admin, or Read Only), access to functions, access to all prospects or only to a set of prospects, active/inactive status, control of Match Quality preferences by user or admin, and sharing of searches.
  4. Click Save (at bottom right of screen).
    Or to delete the user, click Delete.

Users Guide

Download the Users Guide (pdf)   

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