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Add New Prospects

There are two ways to add new prospects. Add one prospect at a time by entering the information directly into a DonorScape® screen, or import a file with information for multiple prospects.

Both methods are accessible from the Add New Prospects page:

Add new prospects

Note: The administrator controls whether or not a user may add new prospects.

Add a Prospect Directly into DonorScape®

Use this procedure to add a new prospect by typing information directly into a DonorScape® screen. 

This process randomly assigns a prospect ID number.  You cannot assign the prospect ID number when you create it using this procedure.  However, you can change the ID number later, by editing the Prospect Details.  

  1. Click the navigation bar (top of screen) to go to the Add New Prospects page. Stay on the default Add a New Prospect tab.
  2. Fill in the form with the required information and any other available data:

    Add a prospect directly
     Required information is indicated by an asterisk (*).  The more complete address, employment, and spouse information you can provide, the more likely you will be to obtain high-quality data matches on your prospect.
  3. Click Search (bottom right of form) to preview the results.The results, which are based on information currently available from vendor databases, will appear in the Preview section (at bottom of screen). 
  4. Click Submit Record to add the prospect to your database.
    Or click Cancel to discard the prospect information and try again.
    See also: Edit Prospect Details.

Add Multiple Prospects 

When adding multiple prospects, it’s important to identify each prospect using a unique prospect ID number that corresponds to the number in your donor management system. If you add a new prospect using an ID number that’s already assigned in DonorScape®, then the new information will overwrite the old record.

Note: This process allows you to add up to 5,000 new prospects at a time.  To upload more prospects, contact DonorScape® support at or (866) 378-8540.

  1. Click the navigation bar (top of screen) to go to the Add New Prospects page, then click the Add Multiple Prospects tab. 
  2. Download the template and instructions. Then, enter the data for the new prospects, and save it in CSV format.
  3. Return to the Add Multiple Prospects Upload tab, choose your CSV file, and click Upload.

The system checks for errors.  If any issues are reported, make corrections, and re-upload the file.

Delete Prospects

Deleting a prospect permanently removes the record from your DonorScape® database.

  1. Open the prospect’s record.
  2. Click the delete icon (below right of prospect name). 

    Click the delete icon next to the prospect name. 
  3. Click OK to confirm that you want to delete the prospect record: 

Confirm Delete Prospect

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