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Explore and Update a Prospect’s Record

Once you’ve generated a list of prospects, you can review the details for individual prospect records, then verify, edit, or export the information.

Open a Prospect’s Record

  1. Go to the Explore Prospects page. Search for prospects, and go to the Search Results.
  2. To open a prospect’s record, click the prospect’s name in the search results: 

    Open Record 
  3. View the prospect record, which opens by default in the Wealth Match tab: 

    Wealth Match Tab


View a Prospect's Gift Codes and Wealth Matches

The most efficient way to evaluate a prospect is to review the prospect’s gift codes, and assess the Wealth Matches that are used to generate the codes.

For each wealth category, DonorScape® searches for multiple sources at the Match Quality you’ve selected. In the search results, checkmarks show which data were used to calculate the prospect's Gift Capacity Rating. If a category (such as "Income") has multiple data sources, only the source with the highest value (at the selected Match Quality) has a checkmark, and is used for the Gift Capacity calculation.

For example, you might evaluate a prospect’s matches in the “Real Estate” category, and select Possible as the Match Quality. DonorScape® would find Exact, Near, and Possible matches from various sources, and checkmark the largest: a Near match of $137,500 from Lexis Nexis. However, if you selected Exact as the Match Quality setting, DonorScape® would only list (and checkmark) the largest Exact match.

Note: Acxiom data is always calculated as an Exact match.

  1. Open the prospect’s record, and go to the Wealth Match tab.
  2. Check the gift codes (left edge of Wealth Match tab) for the types of giving that the prospect could potentially provide at the selected Match Quality:

    Wealth Match Quality
    Note: Codes vary depending on your DonorScape® subscription.
  3. Click the bullseye target (top) to change the Match Quality Rating for the information displayed on the tab:

    Match quality rating

    The ratings range from Exact (at center) to Simple (in the outer ring). Use only the most accurate data (E), or conduct further research to verify less reliable results (S). The recommended starting point is Exact, Near.
  4. Below the target, view the matches for the selected Match Quality (such as Income, Real Estate, Pension, and Securities).

Review and Verify Wealth Matches

You can improve the accuracy of a prospect’s ratings by using DonorScape® tools to conduct further research and verify information. This is especially important if you are relying on search results that include data rated as Near, Possible, or Simple.

Use the most accurate data (rated E) to corroborate less verified information. Cross-check the prospect’s financial and philanthropic information with the bio. Look for patterns and check for the prospect’s middle initials to identify items that seem false or questionable. Conduct further external research to verify data.

  1. Open the prospect’s record, and go to the Wealth Match tab.
  2. Click on the headings and subheadings to expand the details and review the search results for the prospect.
    The three types of information are: Financial, Giving and Philanthropic Affiliation, and Biography:

    Types of info
  3. To see summary level information on the first five matches and quickly verify the matches, click the drop-down arrow to expand the information:

    Summary level info
    Note that each match has a Match Quality rating (right): E, N, P, or S.
  4. If you are able to verify that an item is 100% accurate, click E to set its Match Quality to Exact.
  5. If you see a problem with the data:
    • Delete false data by clicking X.
    • For questionable data, click a lower level (for example, switch from Near to Possible).
  6. To view detailed source information, click Matches or View Details:

    detailed source info
  7. Click your browser’s refresh icon to incorporate match changes into the prospect’s record.
  8. Optional: Click the rescreen icon rescreen icon next to the prospect’s name (top left) to rescreen the prospect’s record and view the results of the changes.

Edit Prospect Details

Anytime you receive news about a prospect, you can revise the basic prospect information (such as the prospect’s address, spouse, employer, and memberships).

  1. Open the prospect’s record, click the Prospect Details tab, then click Edit.

    Edit Prospect Details
  2. Revise the prospect details as needed, then click Save.
  3. Click your browser’s refresh icon to incorporate changes into your prospect’s record.
  4. Optional: Click the rescreen icon Rescreen next to the prospect’s name (top left) to rescreen the updated prospect’s record incorporating the information you have changed and new information available from the outside data sources.

See also: Update Multiple Prospect Records.

Export a Prospect-Level Report

After reviewing the search results for a prospect, you can download the prospect’s profile as a Word document. The data contained in the report will be limited to the Match Quality you have selected.

  1. Open the prospect’s record.
  2. Click the page icon next to the prospect’s name, and then click on the type of report that you would like to download:

    Export a prospect profile

    The prospect report is downloaded in the format of a Word document.

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