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Key Functions

When analyzing prospect donor pools, the two critical attributes to measure and understand are the “capacity” to give and the ”propensity“ to give. DonorScape® addresses these two needs through Wealth Screening and Predictive Modeling.

Wealth Screening

DonorScape® Wealth Screening provides interactive wealth analysis on every individual in your organization’s prospect database.  The system searches twelve of the best known and most respected data resources to provide you with more than 500 data points related to each prospect’s wealth, affiliations, and capacity to give.

DonorScape® assigns each data point one of four accuracy levels, reported as a Match Quality Rating. This rating allows you to check the confidence level for each result, so you can decide whether to research prospects in-depth, or work more quickly using only the most accurate summary data.

It’s important to understand that GG+A's Wealth Screening process does not estimate net worth or assume that a specific portion of an asset is “giftable.”  Instead, our methodology creates a likely giving profile. Each prospect receives an overall Gift Capacity Rating with a corresponding dollar value estimate, defined as an individual's capacity to make a gift over five years to his or her favorite institution.

See also: Gift Capacity Rating.

Predictive Modeling

DonorScape® Predictive Modeling takes prospect analysis to another level, adding premium third-party demographic information and attributes critical to each client situation (e.g. past giving).  This additional information then allows your individual prospects to be evaluated based on their overall household wealth, and enables predictive modeling to rate each prospect’s propensity for giving to your institution.  This modeling generates independent scores for different types and levels of giving.

The resulting analytics describe each prospect with codes for Major Gift inclination, Annual Gift target amount, and Planned Gift likelihood, as well as a series of household profile codes for marketing communications and targeting purposes. 

Predictive modeling takes into consideration a broad range of variables that correlate to specific giving behaviors, such as:

  • Timing of giving to your organization;
  • Relationship and participation factors unique to your organization, including current and prior volunteer involvement, leadership status, event attendance, and other engagement measures;
  • Demographic elements that are proven predictors for giving;
  • Wealth indicators, including estimated household income and home market value;
  • For healthcare organizations, additional information includes department of service, treating physician, and outcome.

See also: Quick Reference to Search Ratings and Codes.

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