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Rescreen Prospect Records

DonorScape® draws on information from multiple vendor databases, which are updated on various schedules (e.g., daily, monthly, quarterly or yearly). New information can also be added to a prospect through the application when you edit a prospect’s details or perform a batch upload of new prospect information.  Ratings however are not automatically updated.  Instead, DonorScape® gives you the ability to determine if and when to rescreen a prospect using one of two methods:

  • Rescreen an Individual Prospect: Open the prospect’s record. Then click the rescreen icon Rescreen Icon next to the prospect’s name (top left).
  • Rescreen All Prospects:  Contact DonorScape® support at or (866) 378-8540.

Note: While either method will add new information from vendor databases to a prospect’s record, when you rescreen the prospect, any existing data that you’ve previously verified or edited will NOT be overwritten.

See also: DonorScape® Wealth Screening Data Sources.

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