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Search for Prospects

Use a simple search process to find an individual prospect, or generate a list of prospects, based on a few standard criteria.

  1. Click the navigation bar (top of screen) to go to the Explore Prospects page, and stay on the default Simple Search tab: Simple Search

  2. Use a standard search, or customize your search.
    To find this...
    Use this...

    An Individual Prospect
    Enter the prospect’s name, or Prospect ID.

    Standard List of Prospects
    Choose an option from the Saved Searches menu (at top right of screen).

    Prospects Based on Gift Capacity

    Select the Gift Capacity, then enter any other important criteria. For example, set Gift Capacity to “8 - 5” and State to “NY” to find donors with a gift capacity <$99,999 who live in NY.

    All Prospects in Database
    Do not set any search criteria.

    Prospect List from a Saved Search

    Choose an option from the Saved Searches menu.

    For criteria that display a bar, click the tabs (at left and right) to set a range:
    Criteria Bar Range

    To reset the entire search, click Clear Filters (at bottom right).

  3. Click the Search button (at bottom right).
    The Search Results appear:
  4. Search Results
  5. To make the search more or less restrictive, change the Match Quality.
    Click the target (at top of search results) to select options.
    Settings range from the most restrictive (center) to least restrictive (outer ring), as follows: Exact, Near, Possible, Simple.

     Match Quality

    Tip: Use a setting that supports your goals:
    • E, N: Best for a standard search. Finds information on prospects and their spouses.  Data accuracy is good, but some prospects are missed.
    • E, N, P or E, N, P, S: Best if you will be reviewing and verifying data. Finds more obscure prospects, but may include some false matches.
    • E: Best for very limited searches.  Finds information only on prospects (not their spouses). Data is highly accurate, but may miss prospects.
    See also: Understanding Match Quality Ratings.
  6. To toggle back and forth between searches and results, click the list icon (located at top-left of Search Results, and top-right of Search): 
    List Icon at top of search results


See also: Create a New Advanced Search
See also: Guide to Search Ratings and Codes

Export Search Results

Export the prospect list in Excel format, so you can analyze or share your search results.

  1. Go to the Explore Prospects page. Search for prospects, and go to the Search Results.
  2. To customize the types of information to be exported in the spreadsheet, click the gear icon (at top right of Search Results):
  3. Explore Prospects gear icon
  4. Click the download icon to export the Search Results.

You will receive an email when the export is ready for download from the Search Results page.  The download link will remain visible until you log out of your session. 

See also: Customize Your User Preferences.

Users Guide

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