Types of Access

Account administrators can create an unlimited number of users in DonorScape, with three levels of user access: Read Only, Base, and Admin The next table summarizes the privileges for each level:
Access: Read Only Base Admin
Prospects Only view prospects.(Cannot edit or add prospects.) Export prospect lists and prospect details. View, edit, and add prospects.Export prospect lists and prospect details. Perform all functions related to prospects.
Reports Create insight reports. Create insight reports. Create insight reports and custom reports.
User Control Cannot add users. Cannot add users. Add, delete, and control access for users.
Match Quality Cannot set Match Quality levels. Set Match Quality levels, if allowed by the Administrator. Control Match Quality: Set levels for all users, allow users to set levels, or require approval for settings.
Record Ownership Control record ownership, so users are limited to seeing only a specific group of prospects (for example, you could allow medical school personnel to see only medical alumni records).