Explore Additional Information About a Prospect

In addition to providing basic functions for prospect screening, DonorScape also provides tools for finding out about prospects’ connections, for collaborating with others and adding anecdotal information, and for generating ratings based on new information.

Research A Prospect’s Network

DonorScape uses information from our data sources to identify people who serve on the same boards and work at the same organizations as the prospect.


Add or View Notes

The ability to annotate a prospect record allows researchers, gift officers and others within your organization to collaborate with one another.

Additionally, if you find descriptive information on a prospect that requires free-form text as opposed to standard DonorScape fields, you can add notes to keep the information organized and available to all users.

Explore Rating Logic

Use the built-in tool to calculate a prospect’s Gift Capacity without permanently changing the prospect’s record. For example, you can estimate the effect of a real estate or SEC sale on a prospect’s Gift Capacity.