Guide to Ratings

Quick reference for all DonorScape ratings including: Gift Capacity Rating, Major Gift Rating, Annual Giving Rating, Planned Giving Rating, Propensity Rating, and highly philanthropic PRIZM segment descriptions.

DonorScape Data Sources

DonorScape matches prospects against twelve publicly-available databases to establish the Gift Capacity Rating.

More About PRIZM

Claritas PRIZM classifies every U.S. household into one of more than 60 consumer segments based on the household’s purchasing preferences.

In March 2018, GG+A and DonorScape transitioned to the latest version of PRIZM: PRIZM Premier. If PRIZM segments were added to your DonorScape account prior to March 2018, they will be PRIZM NE segments, but PRIZM information added to your account after March 2018 will reflect the new PRIZM Premier segments.

PRIZM offers a complete set of ancillary databases and links to partner data, allowing marketers to use data outside of their own customer files to pinpoint products and services that their best customers are most likely to use as well as locate their best customers on the ground. PRIZM enables marketers to create a complete portrait of their customers by answering these important questions:

  • Who are my targets?
  • What are they like?
  • Where can I find them?
  • How can I reach them?

Additional PRIZM Premier Materials (after March 2018)

Additional PRIZM NE Materials (prior to March 2018)

Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA)

Metropolitan Statistical Areas are coded geographical regions with one or more counties that contain a city of 50,000 or more inhabitants, or contain a Census Bureau-defined urbanized area (UA) and have a total population of at least 100,000 (75,000 in New England). MSA’s are not limited by state lines. For example, the Philadelphia MSA includes the core and surrounding areas of Philadelphia, PA, Wilmington, DE, Atlantic City, NJ and areas of Maryland.

All DonorScape records are tagged with an MSA code for the primary address submitted, and all records can be filtered by their primary address MSA code.

DonorScape File Specifications

This document provides file layout and requirements for data files to be uploaded or submitted to DonorScape.

DonorScape Bulk Import Template

The bulk import feature allows users to upload files of up to 5,000 prospects with the click of a button. This template includes column-specific formatting tips embedded into the header row.

DonorScape’s Raiser’s Edge Import Guide